Our scholarship recipients are insightful and inspiring. Read their award-winning essays to learn more about them and their individual journey.

Meet Rachel

“Cancer taught me that nothing in life, even survivorship and cancer, are permanent.”

Meet Maya

“If I had never gone through the experience of battling leukemia, I would have never been given the opportunity to do the swim in the first place. Without overcoming these challenges, I cannot say I would be the same person I am today. I am a survivor.”

Meet Cade

“The responsibility of survivorship is a sense of selflessness and a sense of purpose.”

Meet Matthew

“So if you ask me “What does survivorship mean to you?”… it means living and sharing! It means loving each day, each person, each moment.”

Meet Reagan

“Survivorship may mean different things depending on who you ask, but I think what’s really important is that for those impacted by cancer, more and more are able to say that they are still here and have the opportunity to determine what survivorship means to them.”

Meet Luke

“Survivorship is a new life. New life is not something to take for granted.”

Meet Aspen

“I survived, and that means I now have the potential to not only live, but to truly thrive. I’m a survivor, and to me this means that I was broken and then repaired with gold.”

Meet Ryan

“Looking back on my experiences, I feel that I have been given a unique opportunity to help kids going through similar situations.”

Meet Danielle

“Survivorship is the memory of hunger. The hunger for life, for one more day, one more smile, one more embrace, just one more. When your body fails, all you have left to hold on to is your desperate hunger for me. Until you are filled.”

Meet Sarah

“If it weren’t for others helping me conquer my battle with leukemia when I was a young child, I would not be here today. I believe my purpose is to spread light and joy in that environment that is so scary.”

Meet Savannah

“Survivorship should not be based on living or dying. Survivorship should be based on how hard you fight the cancer when you are living.”

Meet Kendrie

“I am embracing my life whole-heartedly, and chasing my survivorship with both hands, holding on for the ride, and ready to tackle whatever comes my way.”

Meet Jacob

“While it is true that not all cancer patients overcome the disease, it is true that we are all survivors, for we all fought and will fight to the end.”

Meet Lydia

“Now my idea of survivorship is to take the experiences developed during my cancer battle and turn them into positive, driving aspects that guide my life.”

Meet Elias

“Cancer survivorship has blessed me in many ways. I have the ability to enjoy the little things in life that many people take for granted.”

Meet Kimberly

“Survivorship means I am a warrior; I am courageous; I am strong; I am a lionheart.”

Meet Ciristen

“The moment I became a survivor, I took the initiative to heal, and educate myself about cancer and how to fight it.”

Meet Isabella

“Life is too short to sit around waiting, and if I can inspire others with my story to take life by the horns, I will. I want to help others see the world from my unique perspective as a survivor.”

Meet Tariah

“I’m not sure how yet, but I want to use my light to brighten the world.”

Meet Abigail

“Survivorship means living and fighting every day for myself, those who have lost the fight, and those fighting.”

Meet Meaghan

“I realized that this was what survivorship meant: working for not only your survival and quality of life, but also for the survival and quality of life for all cancer patients.”

Meet Lauryn

“Surviving cancer taught me that I am stronger and able to accomplish much more than I realize.”

Meet Molly

“Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘You cannot withstand the storm,’ and the warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm.’ I am that survivor: a warrior.”

Meet Grace

“I may not have many memories of being in the hospital, but I do deserve the title ‘cancer survivor’ because of how I live out my life to honor the little girl that fought ALL.”

Meet Abigail

“Survivorship to me is using my story to inspire others, remembering that my courage is bigger than all my fears, and reminding myself daily of the battle which taught me that love has the capacity to multiply faster than any cancer cell ever could.”

Meet Ellen

“Survivorship means living every single day with the primary outlook of gratitude.”

Meet Harrison

“My undying adventure in a hospital bed has given me a critical life lesson: it is not how long one lives that matters, but how he or she lives.”

Meet Saket

“Having been the recipient of tremendous compassion and being touched by numerous incredible foundations for cancer, I find great joy in my ability to serve and assist those suffering with a terminal illness.”

Meet Brandon

“My entire worldview today is directly due to the personal growth I experienced throughout treatment, and to me that opportunity is the essence of survivorship.”

Meet Will

“I am not a survivor just because the cancer is no longer visible on computer images; I am a survivor because these twenty-one marks remind me that I have a purpose in life.”

Meet William

“What does survivorship really mean to me? It means a second chance at life.”

Meet Patrick

“To be a survivor means so much more than surviving the battle and claiming victory.”

Meet Colby

“To me survivorship means that you have weathered a storm and come out a different person. Some storms are small, like a thunderstorm, and some storms are gigantic, like a hurricane.”

Meet Brianna

“Surviving is living beyond cancer and enjoying life again.”

Meet Anthony

“Survivorship means that I will live in the moment, be confident in my contribution and intentional in my desire to change the world.” 

Meet Ana

“Currently, I am living as a survivor which I now understand is an immense gift not to be taken for granted. “

Meet Amara

“Survival is not simply merely existing , it is living your life every day fully and completely. “

Meet Amanda

“Survivorship is a privilege, and I am grateful every single day for how lucky I am. I am proud to be a cancer survivor. “

Meet Ali

“Survivorship is much more than a word that explains my success, it embodies the journey that I have faced.”

Meet Addison

“Survivorship is something that you earn, whether it be during or after your experience.”

Meet Abigail

“Life is far too fragile to waste by pursuing comfort and hunting safety.”

Meet Nishant

“I don’t go a single day without thinking the phrase, I may have had Cancer, but Cancer never had me.”

Meet Nicole

“This is the calling of survivorship. It is embracing your experience to inspire others to keep fighting.”

Meet Jacob

“Survivorship means always keeping courage close to your heart and to show others how it is possible to overcome anything as long as optimism and hope prevail.”

Meet Carly

“You can either focus on the disease, the sickness, and the possibility of dying or you can reach out and grab hold of a great hope for the future”

Meet Olivia

“Survivorship is grasping onto your life with clenched hands, not allowing one more second to be consumed by fear.”

Meet Rebecca

“I have learned to be resilient in the face of challenges that come my way.”

Meet Abigail

“All that I do is survive because surviving is my only option…”

Meet Cassidy

“Being a survivor… has taught me what is important, and showed me how vital it is to live everyday to the fullest.”

Meet Esther

“To me, its learning that survivorship is not a title but rather a state of being.”

Meet Kaylee

“Life is a fragile thing, and we never know the moment it will end, but I want to live all of the days I have with thankfulness.”

Meet Kristen

“Someday, I hope I will be the one that allows a patient and their family to breathe a sigh of relief when I enter the room.”

Meet Ben

“Cancer has helped me discover what I love doing.”

Meet Gabrielle

“Cancer does not define me, but it has contributed tremendously to the person that I am today.”

Meet Farah

“My cancer experience is essential to me; it has taught me that the light at the end of the tunnel is attainable as long as I keep my head up and my hand out always reaching.”

Meet Harrison

“I had cancer. This fact alone does not define me. However, it is an important part of my journey and has helped me develop servant leadership qualities.”

Meet Callie

“Survivorship does last a lifetime. I am able to appreciate the opportunities I am given and I don’t let the small things bother me…”

Meet Caitlin

“My experience taught me that we are measured by how we handle life’s adversities.”

Meet Dean

“I am more focused on what I want to achieve in life and the direction I am headed. I fought the fight. I’ve beaten the odds. I am a champion.”

Meet Amber

“I am a survivor and I will make something from it.”

Meet Hallie

“Today I am cancer-free, empowered by the lessons I learned, and thankful for my life.”

Meet Jessica

“Childhood is defined by the development of character, built on moments of discovery, success, and mistakes that lead to wisdom.”

Meet Joanne

“Looking back now, I can say that I’m actually glad that I had cancer.”

Meet Adam

“Determination and dedication are key aspects of my mentality.”

Meet Alexandra

“It is much more freeing to put the disease out in the open instead or trying to forget it.”

Meet Allison

“I am a 19-year-old cancer survivor; there is nothing that I can’t do!”

Meet Ashley

“The most important thing we can do as a cancer survivor is share our experience.”

Meet Cassie

“Cancer ATTACKED…Cancer TOOK…Cancer LOST…Cassie SURVIVED!!!”

Meet Chase

Battling osteosarcoma as a teenage boy for over nine months impacted Chase Meacham’s entire life.

Meet Cole

“I built mental strength and determination to do whatever it took to face these challenges.”

Meet Elizabeth

“I don’t think I’ll ever stop trying to make an impact or changes for the better. This is what survivorship means to me.”

Meet Heather

One day she was playing with her girlfriends; the next, 10-year-old Heather was in a doctor’s office being told she had leukemia.

Meet Helena

“Challenges continue with my vision but I have tools under my sleeve to combat their moves.”

Meet Jack

“My diagnosis and treatment also instilled in me the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.”

Meet Jackson

“As cancer survivor, I am not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of person so finding a place where I feel whole is essential.”

Meet John

“No cancer survivor is truly cancer-free. I will carry it with me for the rest of my life.”

Meet Josh

“Through my survivorship I have finally understood life is sacred”

Meet Kelsey

“When fighting my battle against cancer I was challenged physically, socially and spiritually.”

Meet Liz

Liz expects nothing but the best from herself whether in the classroom or on the playing field.

Meet Mary

“Life is hard, fun, sad and very unpredictable, but I believe cancer has given me the drive to fight and succeed.”

Meet Megan

“Cancer was the worst thing that happened to me. I lost my hair, my friends, and my freedom…yet, I wouldn’t take it back for anything in the world.”

Meet Melinda

“What an amazing gift to receive…life. Better yet, what an incredible gift to give.”

Meet Montana

“I think about cancer every day. It gives me the drive and the passion to do everything that I do.”

Meet Natasha

“I will do whatever it takes to prove that cancer has not conquered me”

Meet Neha

“I became a believer that we are only given the challenges that we will be able to handle.”

Meet Rachael

“Cancer is merely one of my stories. The subject is not a sensitive one for me because my goal is not to be pitied but to inform.”

Meet Rikesia

“At the age of fourteen, my life changed forever. I went on a journey that most teenagers would never imagine.”

Meet Sarah

“I know I have been given a gift and cannot waste my life just waiting for the cancer to return someday.”

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