NCCS supporters have special access to personalized auto, home and renters insurance with MetLife ChoiceSM.  Quickly and easily compare and save with multiple quotes from highly rated carriers all in one place – in just minutes. MetLife Choice also gives you access to convenient payment options. Plus, save even more when you bundle auto, home and renters policies together.

MetLife Auto & Home® customers saved an average of 23%* on auto insurance. It’s fast. It’s easy. Get your personalized quotes today! Call 1-866-586-6048 or visit

*Savings are based on MetLife Auto & Home’s 2019 countrywide research of new call center MetLife Auto & Home customers’ annual savings in 2018. Statistics do not reflect sales of the product sold on MetLife Auto & Home MyDirect(r) nor products of other insurance companies.
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The NCCS is grateful to our corporate partners. Supporting them is another way you can help ensure no family goes through childhood cancer alone.

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