Meet Rhyan – Neuroblastoma Warrior!

Meet Rhyan

“This crazy life has become our new normal. Thankfully, Rhyan has continued to be her loving, bubbly, sassy self,” Rhyan’s mom.


Only one month into Rhyan’s kindergarten year, she developed a small limp and was very cranky – behavior that was completely outside the norm for this otherwise “bubbly” girl. When her limp worsened, Rhyan’s parents, Jen and Brad, took her to their pediatrician. After spending a week in the hospital, an MRI showed the unexpected… Rhyan had a tumor on her adrenal gland and was ultimately diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma. She immediately began treatment at her local hospital and after enduring six rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy, she was considered cancer-free!

Tragically, this period was short-lived. Rhyan relapsed a few months later and this time, it spread to her brain. When Rhyan’s parents learned their daughter needed surgery and follow-up care across the country in New York, their hearts sank. They were desperate to figure out how they would afford the costs of flights and hotel stays on top of Rhyan’s treatment. That’s where the NCCS stepped in. With the help of the organization, Jen and Brad were able to fully transfer their daughter’s treatment to a facility in New York that specializes in neuroblastoma treatment. Luckily, Rhyan’s brain tumor was removed without any subsequent damage. Immediately following surgery, she once again started chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy.

Since the NCCS began assisting Rhyan’s family in June 2017, the organization has funded 36 roundtrip flights and 18 cab rides to New York. She continues to be seen in NYC for a series of seven vaccines designed to shut down any cancer cells trying to form. The NCCS will also continue to make sure she gets there since the vaccine is only available at this facility. Through all of this, Jennifer says “this crazy life has become our new normal. Thankfully, Rhyan has continued to be her loving, bubbly, sassy self.”

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