Meet London – Sarcoma Warrior!

Meet London

From the moment London’s cancer returned, her parents knew they needed help getting to her appointments …


Thirteen year-old London loved to play basketball and swim, so London’s parents were not overly concerned when she complained of leg pain. They thought she was pushing herself too hard physically but went to see their pediatrician to be safe. Their doctor agreed that her pain was from physical activity and referred her to an orthopedist who recommended she try physical therapy. Unfortunately, her pain worsened to the point where she could no longer sleep comfortably and had to use crutches to get around. It became obvious that her pain was due to something besides her active lifestyle. Frustrations grew for London and her family so they went to the emergency room for x-rays. Their lives were forever changed when the results revealed why this happy-go-lucky girl was suffering – London had a massive growth on her tailbone. After she endured six rounds of chemotherapy and 27 hours of radiation, she was finally cancer-free. However, one year after her initial diagnosis, the cancer returned – and this time it was more aggressive. The cancer caused so much damage she needed her pelvis rebuilt with titanium. Everyone thought the surgery was successful and that she was on the road to recovery again; however she developed multiple infections that required yet more surgeries.

From the moment London’s cancer returned, her parents knew they needed help getting to her appointments since they were frequent and far away. They travelled from their home in North Carolina to a hospital in Minnesota, which was a four and a half hour flight each way. The NCCS’s Transportation Assistance Fund provided financial assistance so her family could focus on getting London better. “The NCCS is one of the best organizations we have worked with. We would need to travel with very little notice and our case manager was easy to work with and made the process simple,” said London’s father, Art. Despite many obstacles, London is in remission again and can go back to enjoying everyday things, like playing with her little brother, Wilson!

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