Meet Jamazia – Medulloblastoma Warrior

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Meet Jamazia

The NCCS helped Jamazia get to her many therapy and doctor appointments. “We want to say thank you,” said Jamazia’s mom


When eleven year-old Jamazia struggled to keep her balance, her mother, Corvenia, grew very concerned and scheduled an appointment to find the cause. After running a battery of tests, Jamazia was diagnosed with stage 4 medulloblastoma – a brain tumor. Doctors immediately performed surgery to remove the tumor and as soon as Jamazia regained enough strength, began radiation and chemotherapy. Although the treatment was considered successful, Jamazia was left with little control over the left side of her body, partial memory loss and difficulty speaking.

Jamazia began physical and speech therapy right away. “She has countless appointments every week,” said Corvenia. Although Jamazia’s family doesn’t live far from her treatment center, the frequent appointments greatly increased their mileage expenses. Corvenia was discussing this challenge with her hospital social worker when she learned about the NCCS. Corvenia says, “Receiving assistance from the NCCS helped us with gas to transport Jamazia back and forth to her physical, speech, occupational and swim therapies [and appointments.] We want to say thank you.”

While Jamazia and her family have benefitted from the organization’s Transportation Assistance Fund, Jamazia has also participated in the Beyond the Cure mentorship program where she can speak with another childhood cancer survivor near her own age.

If you would like to help Jamazia and other children battling cancer, donate today!


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