Meet Hazel – Leukemia Warrior!

Meet Hazel

“The impact NCCS has had on my life and my family has been profound.” – Hazel’s father.


Hazel was just 2 years old when diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This adorable little girl comes from a loving family of six but they were often split up since her treatment center was two hours away from home. Hazel and her mom or dad made the over 200 mile trip to the hospital a minimum of twice a month for treatment; more frequently if other issues developed. Their travel costs added up quickly. Thankfully, the NCCS stepped in to provide financial support for the journeys to and from the hospital. In addition, the organization gave informational resources to her family as Hazel transitioned into new treatment phases. NCCS also offered emotional and ongoing support for all of Hazel’s family members. “The impact NCCS has had on my life and my family has been profound,” said Nat, Hazel’s father “In short, simple words, we thank you for all you do.”

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