Meet Elijah – Retinoblastoma Warrior!

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Meet Elijah

With the help of The NCCS… Elijah is being treated in at one of the best facilities possible.


Baby Elijah was only seven weeks old when he was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer, Retinoblastoma, cancer of the eye. His parents made the gut-wrenching decision to remove his eye in order to save his life. “We made this difficult decision hoping it might be our last step on the road of cancer treatment,” said his mom, Lisa.

Unfortunately, the road was just beginning. Three months later, doctors confirmed more devastating news – Elijah had tumors in his remaining eye. He also tested positive for a genetic mutation that increased his likelihood for secondary cancers as well as a 50% chance he would pass cancer on to his future children.

Elijah and his six siblings live in California – across the country from Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York, the best treatment center for his disease. With frequent and long trips to New York, Lisa reached out to the NCCS. “With the help of The National Children’s Cancer Society… Elijah is being treated at one of the best facilities possible for his type of cancer. Each trip from California to New York, while challenging for our family in many ways, is another adventure in caring for this amazing little boy. Each day with him is a gift from God to our family,” said Lisa

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