Meet Charlie – Leukemia Warrior!

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Meet Charlie

“Even with an excellent treatment center nearby, costs to get Charlie there mounted. The NCCS was there to help.


November 12, 2015 was the day that “normal” was completely destroyed for four-year old Charlotte (Charlie). Earlier that week Charlie’s dad, Josh, noticed swollen lymph nodes in her neck. What they thought was a simple infection turned out to be much more. Her white blood cell count was nearly four times the normal high. Sadly, Charlie’s “normal” day ended with the word “leukemia.”

Charlie has had multiple hospital stays, lumbar punctures, bone marrow aspirations, chemotherapy, blood infusions, platelet infusions, dealt with chemo-induced neuropathy, lost all of her hair, and couldn’t go to school. Even though her family was lucky enough to have an excellent treatment center in their city, the costs to get Charlie to doctors’ appointments and treatment quickly mounted. That’s when they reached out to the NCCS for help through our Transportation Assistance Fund.

Charlie has big plans for what she wants to do when she defeats leukemia: she wants to be an oncology nurse so that she can work at the hospital with everyone who has helped her. “She’s the bravest little girl I know,” Lisa said. “Who needs a cape when you are Super Charlie?!”

If you would like to help Charlie and other children battling cancer, donate today!


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