Meet Amber – Retinoblastoma Warrior

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Meet Amber

It’s hard to imagine a two year-old saying the words “bilateral retinoblastoma”…


It’s hard to imagine a two year-old saying the words “bilateral retinoblastoma” and it’s even harder to believe a child can have cancer at such a young age.

Amber’s parents thought the only thing their daughter suffered from was a lazy eye when they learned it was much worse. Amber had tumors in both of her eyes. She immediately started treatment near her home in North Carolina. They did everything possible for her at the local hospital when doctors referred Amber to Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York since they offered newer, more effective treatments for her cancer. Even though they found success in New York, doctors recommended removing Amber’s right eye since she no longer had vision in it and her parents agreed. Amber and her family travelled every five weeks for follow-up scans to monitor her other eye because there were still five tumors left. At the end of that treatment plan, only one small tumor remained.

Now, her trips to New York are shortened to twice a year where doctors are monitoring the remaining tumor and watching for new tumor growth. Her family stressed about the costly trips to New York, so they reached out to the NCCS for help with their travel expenses. The assistance allowed Amber to continue receiving care from her doctors in New York. “Thanks to the National Children’s Cancer Society…our family is able to receive the best care possible for Amber without worrying how exactly we are going to make it happen!” said Amanda, Amber’s mom.

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