Cancer Survivor Stories

  • Cancer Survivor Stories

    Meet Lucas

    Meet Lucas

    "Thank you for all that you do, and for what you have done for our family. God Bless!"- Alexis, Lucas' mom

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  • Cancer Survivor Stories

    Meet Brad

    Meet Brad

    "Neuroblastoma Warrier"

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  • Cancer Survivor Stories

    Meet Joseph

    Meet Joseph

    "He is an amazing person who shares his story with everyone."

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  • Cancer Survivor Stories

    Meet Caitlin

    Meet Caitlin

    "My experience taught me that we are measured by how we handle life's adversities."

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  • Cancer Survivor Stories

    Meet Allysa

    Meet Allysa

    "We want to say thank you, NCCS, for all the help on our journey to recovery!" –Elizabeth, Allysa's mom

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  • Cancer Survivor Stories

    Meet Cody

    Meet Cody

    "I will never forget that day that our life was changed. Some for the worse and some for the better," says Cody's mother, Tracy.

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  • Cancer Survivor Stories

    Meet Drew

    Meet Drew

    "The extra boost from NCCS removed some of the extra weight on our shoulders," said Elizabeth, Drew's mom. "Thank you NCCS!"

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  • Cancer Survivor Stories

    Meet Melinda

    Meet Melinda

    "What an amazing gift to receive... life. Better yet, what an incredible gift to give." –Melinda Marchiano, Beyond The Cure Scholarship Recipient

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  • Cancer Survivor Stories

    Meet Sara

    Meet Sara

    "Thank you for all the support you gave us!” " - Karen, Sara's mom

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  • Cancer Survivor Stories

    Meet Chelsea

    Meet Chelsea

    "The money I received helped out so much. I am so grateful for their help." - Chelsea's mom, Cassi

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  • Cancer Survivor Stories

    Meet Anders

    Meet Anders

    "We could not have given Anders the best possible outcome without their help." –Gini, Anders' mom

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  • Cancer Survivor Stories

    Meet Justin

    Meet Justin

    "People always say 'to know Justin is to love Justin!'" said Jon, Justin's father.

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  • cancer survivor    natasha

    Meet Natasha

    Meet Natasha

    "I will do whatever it takes to prove that cancer has not conquered me; it has only strengthened my perseverance in being the person I want to be." - says Natasha Bear, Scholarship Recipient

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  • cancer survivor stories

    Meet Porter

    Meet Porter

    "Thank you NCCS for all you do." – says Porter's mom, Marissa

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  • childhood cancer survivor stories

    Meet Tia

    Meet Tia

    "Life is good!!" exclaimed Tamiko, Tia's mother... "We are so blessed! Thank you National Children's Cancer Society!"

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  • Cancer Survivor stories

    Meet Megan

    Meet Megan

    "Cancer was the worst thing that ever happened to me. I lost my hair, my friends, and my freedom... yet, I would not take it back for anything in the world...." – says scholarship recipient Megan Ketterhagen

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  • Childhood Cancer Survivors

    Meet Juliana

    Meet Juliana

    "We really appreciate The National Children’s Cancer Society - their help means one less thing we have to worry about so we can concentrate on taking care of Juliana." -Tammy, Juliana's mother.

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  • Children with Cancer Survivor Stories

    Meet Dakota

    Meet Dakota

    "Without the aid of NCCS, we would not be able to get the healthcare treatment our daughter requires to stay alive and continue with her amazing quality of life."

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  • Meet Rachael

    Meet Rachael

    "Cancer is merely one of my stories. The subject is not a sensitive one for me because my goal is not to be pitied but to inform," says Beyond the Cure Scholarship recipient Rachael Avery.

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  • Meet Adam

    Meet Adam

    "We found a huge light through The National Children’s Cancer Society," said Julie, mom of 7-year old survivor, Adam.

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  • Meet Austin

    Meet Austin

    Meet Austin Serrano who, throughout his battle, has never lost his childish sense of fun. He takes every day with a smile and genuine laughter, bringing hope to his family and to other childhood cancer survivors.

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  • Meet Olivia

    Meet Olivia

    “We are so thankful for everything NCCS has done for Olivia. We cannot imagine our incredible journey without their help.”

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  • Meet Elizabeth

    Meet Elizabeth

    "I don't think I'll ever stop trying to make an impact or changes for the better. This is what survivorship means to me," says Beyond the Cure scholarship recipient Elizabeth Allen.

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  • Meet Santiago

    Meet Santiago

    "When your child is diagnosed with cancer, your life stops, changes course, and begins instead toward a path to do anything & everything to help your baby."

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  • Meet Josh

    Meet Josh

    "Through my survivorship I have finally understood life is sacred," says Josh Ortega.
    - 2011-2012 Beyond the Cure scholarship recipient.

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  • Meet Callie

    Meet Callie

    "I keep moving because I know that those who work hard and push through the tough times are those that get the most out of life."

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  • Meet Brayden

    Meet Brayden – Retinoblastoma “Warrior"

    "My son, Brayden, was diagnosed with bilateral Retinoblastoma at two weeks old."

    Click here to read what his mom has to say about this brave little warrior.

  • Meet Sarah

    Meet Sarah

    "I know I have been given a gift and cannot waste my life just waiting for the cancer to return someday"

    Click here to read this scholarship winner’s entire inspirational essay.

  • Meet Rambunctious Roman

    Roman was a happy, healthy kindergartener who had never been sick longer than 48 hours in his entire life.

    But that all changed in October 2010…

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  • Meet Cassie

    “Cancer ATTACKED... Cancer TOOK... Cancer LOST... Cassie SURVIVED!!!”

    Cassie Bess, a 2011-2012 Beyond the Cure Scholarship recipient said in her winning essay "until a cure is found it is my dream that I can help children fight their battle. Allowing them to put their name in the place of mine is my life's motto.…

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  • Meet Mary

    “Life is hard, fun, sad and very unpredictable, but I believe cancer has given me the drive to fight and succeed,”

    says 2011-2012 Beyond the Cure scholarship recipient, Mary McKee. Mary, diagnosed with leukemia at age 10, eloquently shares her cancer experience in her winning essay.…

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  • Meet John

    John is a 2011-2012 Beyond the Cure Scholarship winner. Diagnosed close to thirteen years ago, with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, John's winning essay eloquently expresses his perspective on what life means to him as a cancer survivor. It is his belief that…

    “no cancer survivor is truly cancer-free. I will carry it with me for the rest of my life.”

    John’s amazing outlook is apparent throughout his essay and goes so far to say, “I am genuinely grateful for my cancer experience because without it, I know I would be a very different person today.”…

    Click here to read all of to read all of his inspiring words

  • Meet Liz

    Liz expects nothing but the best from herself whether in the classroom or on the playing field.

    She excelled in high school with over a 4.0 GPA and played on her school’s varsity soccer, swim and softball teams. Her remarkable drive to succeed made Liz stand out in all areas of her life, so when she began to fall behind at soccer practice it was obvious to everyone around her something was amiss. Without any obvious reason as to why she could no longer keep up, Liz’s parents took her to the doctor, hoping for some answers. Her pediatrician couldn’t find anything apparently wrong, but ordered blood work just in case... Liz had leukemia.

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  • Meet Nicholas

    Nicholas was a happy two-and-a-half year old boy when his right elbow started hurting. Initial X-rays looked normal, but the pain continued to get worse and soon a lump became visible in Nick’s forearm. A biopsy revealed that the mass was malignant, a diagnosis Nick’s parents didn’t expect to hear.

    “Finding out your child has cancer feels like an emotional knockout punch,”

    said parents, Scott and Jade. Nick was diagnosed with a malignant extrarenal rhabdoid tumor, a highly aggressive form of cancer that requires an equally aggressive treatment.…

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  • Meet Molly

    Going through childhood cancer as a family turns your world upside down.

    Imagine facing that news not once, but twice, which is what the Williams family has endured. They had already battled Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS)/Monosomy 7 with older son, Luke, when his mother, Julie, started noticing bruises on two-year-old daughter, Molly. At Molly’s upcoming check-up appointment, Julie insisted on getting blood work done. Her fears were confirmed when Molly was diagnosed with the same rare disease that her brother had faced only a few years earlier. MDS involves various blood-related conditions for which the only cure for children is a bone marrow transplant.…

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  • Meet Noah

    A Blessing in Disguise

    Elizabeth Shaw was new to parenthood when she noticed that her three-month-old son, Noah, wasn’t focusing his eyes on anyone or anything. Noah’s four-month checkup was just around the corner so during his regular appointment, Elizabeth urged Noah’s pediatrician to examine his eyes. Elizabeth’s instincts proved to be on target when later that day Noah was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma, a rapidly developing cancer that grows in the cells of both retinas.…

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  • Meet Chase

    Living Life to the Fullest

    Battling osteosarcoma as a teenage boy for over nine months impacted Chase Meacham’s entire life from the point of diagnosis on. Amidst the 35 rounds of chemotherapy, the 140 days in the hospital and a limb-salvation operation where doctors removed a tumor from his left knee and replaced a large portion of his leg with a titanium prosthetic, Chase discovered the experience didn't have to be all negative and used it as an opportunity to look on the brighter side of things.…

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  • Meet Ashley

    “The most important thing we can do as a cancer survivor is share our experience.…”

    Shortly after being diagnosed, a woman from my church, who I had seen struggle with breast cancer and bravely fight to defeat it, sat me down to talk. She said to me, among other things, “Welcome to the cancer club”. I'll admit, this struck me as odd. It seems like having cancer had made me a member of some selective elite society. At the time, I suppose I took it more of just an expression. To my surprise though, a club is exactly what it ended up being.…

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  • Meet Josh

    Tackling Cancer One Obstacle at a Time

    The summer of 2009 started out very ordinary for the Cooper family and their five year-old son. Josh, an energetic, inquisitive boy who loved sports, kept his parents busy with his passion for football, wrestling, baseball, soccer, and basketball. It was that love of sports and a seemingly normal day of tee-ball practice that changed the Cooper family forever.…

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  • Meet Cole

    “I built mental strength and determination to do whatever it took to face these challenges…”

    In May, 2008, I was a physically fit, 16-year old football player. I felt great. I had no idea what a lymph node was, let alone know anyone who had cancer. With one lump, life forever changed. I initially struggled with the fear of the unknown — cancer, chemo, radation and losing my hair. I had to quickly educate myself on this disease, and endure a grueling treatment.…

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Meet some of the children with cancer that NCCS has helped throughout the years- and read their cancer survivor stories, where you can view their pictures and learn more about their journey.  We're sure they will inspire you - just as they inspire us each and every day!


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