Charity Vending

Charity vending allows local business owners to help children with cancer and their families. Vending business owners contract with the NCCS to display its label and logo. (The charity vending program is not limited to gum or candy machines.) The NCCS receives monthly royalty payments from vendors regardless of sales.

If you are interested in joining the program, please contact Shirley Pye at (314) 446-5223. If you'd like to begin the process right away, click on the link to get a Vendor Start-Up Kit (3.6MB PDF) and follow the instructions.

We have a new look

The new version is 3" by 4" to provide you more options for machine placement. The also feature a protective coating that will help resist fading and stay cleaner.

nccs charity vending logo

The old stickers are still valid, but will no longer be issued.

nccs charity vending logo

Our update vending stickers feature our new logo. The old stickers are still valid, but will no longer be issued.

Charity Vending Stickers   The NCCS

Visit the NCCS Vendor Program page on Facebook for vending-specific news and updates.

Charity Vending Questions

Q How do I get started in the Vending Program?
A Call us at (314) 241-1600 to request a Vending Start-Up Kit. The kit can also be downloaded by clicking here (3.6 MB pdf).

Q What is the NCCS’ relationship with vendors and locators?
A Vending business owners and operators are not employed by the NCCS and the NCCS holds no responsibility for the placement of approved vending units. Vendors may hire locators for placement, but the NCCS has no direct relationship with them. All vending units are placed free of charge and imply no retailer liability or obligation.

Q How do I get service?
A Please contact the vending business owner directly for service and/or participation questions.

Q How much does it cost?
A The rate is based on the quantity of labels requested. We charge a one time set-up fee of $10.00. For five labels or less, a $12.00 annual payment per label is required. The fee for six to twenty-four labels is $1.50 per label per month or $12.00 per label per year. Twenty-five and over cost $1.00 per month per label. Annual payments are non-refundable.

Q How do I obtain my vending stickers?
A Submit the signed Vending Contract along with the start-up fee of $10 and your first month’s payment or annual fee. Self-adhesive stickers, measuring 3” by 4”, will be sent to you promptly.

Q How do I order more stickers?
A You can order vending stickers using one of these forms:
Additional Label Request Form
Additional Annual Sticker Request.

Q How do I withdraw from the program?
A Remove all NCCS stickers from your machines and return them to the NCCS, regardless of condition. Include any unused stickers and a written request to cancel your Vending Program contract.